Welcome to ARIS Coaching

"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are."
                                              - Anais Nin

ARIS Communications Group Inc. is a full service coaching company that takes a practical approach to change. It's for people who are really ready to make a difference in thier lives. Discover a straight-forward way to get to solutions that take you forward. Experience focused, results-oriented personal conversations that can work for you if you're facing a past issue, a personal difficulty, a new situation ...even a habit you want to change. And, you get choice and flexibility in when and how you get coached.

Are you ready for change?

What if you could discover what you want, and how to create it? If you're someone who's interested in making the most of your time and looking for ways to make changes in your life...changes that last...ARIS Sessions may be your direct connection. Discover answers, new perspectives, illuminating insights, and the realistic "how to's" to begin creating the results you want.

Time to end frustration? ...a difficult work situation or relationship, a negative habit?
Done being stuck? ...a past issue, procrastination, or can't move forward?
Feeling Unclear? ...about your future, a new direction, what's next?

You aren't alone.

Feature Sessions coming soon

When you decide on ARIS you get...

  • a safe and confidential place to share what's really going on on your life.
  • positive changes without focusing on what's wrong, feeling bad or negative past experiences.
  • progress in one session compliments and builds on previous sessions.
  • well researched and tested methods that are is based on human neurology.
  • the ability to continue to make change long after sessions end, beyond the involvement of the coach ...because we focus on how to build solutions.


Call for a no-obligation conversation to find out if coaching is right for you now.
Call or email Heather today with your personal situation.
Find our what options are availabe for you.


Heather Parks is a specialist in communication, relationship dynamics and personal change. Heather can help you get clear on how to make the changes you want and identify where to focus your attention. She can zero in on what could be missing and where to focus your best so you can begin achieving what you want.

"As a Solution-Focused Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, I'm trained to notice what you say, and what you don't say. Both reveal a great deal about what's happening."

"I listen carefully for your personal communication style to identify distinct language and thought patterns that could either be supporting or limiting you. Left unchecked, imbalances can play a big role in the issues and challenges you face. And, working with what's behind your words and behaviours lets you get to the change you want."

A practical choice for change...

Based on years of studies and brain-based research in personal change, ARIS incorporates techniques used by some of the most influential motivational speakers and trainers in the world. Access to these powerful techniques connects you to a way to create noticeable shifts and long-lasting results. It all happens in an environment that is personal, positive, supportive and confidential. Most sessions are by phone so you can be connected with the power to change no matter where you live or travel.