The Inspiration for ARIS

A Personal Note

Thanks for taking the time to discover ARIS Coaching. I’d like to share with you what has inspired me to start ARIS Coaching Services.

Professional coaching has been around for some time—for businesses, for corporate change, for athlete and high performance individuals. Personal coaching, on the other hand, is relatively new on the scene as an everyday resource for people to help them with their routine self-care and general personal wellness.

Outside of coaching within companies, for entrepreneurs and a select segment of the general population, it seemed to me that there were still a large number of people who were not aware of coaching—what it is and how it could be useful to them. Over time, it became more clear that this was more true than I originally thought. And, the more this became apparent, the more I wanted to understand the real needs and lifestyles of people in their everyday living.

As a result of these, and a few other observations, I got very curious about what was available in terms of coaching, support, change opportunities, or anything related, that actually fit with what people needed. I knew what was possible with Solution Focused Coaching and decided to look at coaching in a new way. So, I began to ask:

"How could people begin to experience coaching that is convenient and so it
  compliments their everyday living?"
"How can people people have easy access to effective ways to deal with real
  problems, in the way they need it?" and
"What would give individuals comfortable ways to find the solutions they need,
   when it actually matters most?"

I started to explore how personal issues, challenges and general wellness could be best served through this kind of coaching. Firstly, to generate the greatest impact, and to respond to real day-to-day needs, issues and practical experiences. And, secondly how could this be made available in a timely, easy and affordable way.

3 important factors have emerged as my inspiration for creating ARIS Coaching. These have guided me designing the ARIS Coaching System©:

1. Evidence that this coaching works.

My involvement with coaching training, work with clients has given me the opportunity to see first-hand how this coaching dramatically alters the way people relate to themselves and to others. ...I am continually inspired and moved by how deeply this method of coaching impacts people’s lives.


The coaching techniques you will experience here have been used many, many times with tremendous success. Time and again, I have personally witnessed incredible, touching, and lasting results with Solution Focused Coaching. There is a sheer elegance to this style of coaching and how it can transform the way people experience the world around them. I truly believe that a short term coaching option can provide an effective way to experience the small shifts and breakthroughs that are needed most to keep you moving forward.


2. Awareness that these NLP-based coaching techniques are not currently accessible in a practical way for people to choose regularly in their daily lives.

There are coaches offering a wide range of coaching styles and specialties and most require some form of long term commitment. As an alternative, the specific, outcome-focused sessions offer at ARIS (available individually and with flexible scheduling options) have simply not been available anywhere...until now. What's more, Solution Focused Coaching is available only from professionally trained Solution Focused Coaches.


My personal commitment is to make a difference for people in the areas where they are facing difficult, real-life situations. And so I have been deeply inspired to transform these coaching methods into a user-friendly format that makes these valuable sessions available to people in a much bigger way than currently exists.


3. Trust that people know for themselves what they need, based on their own individual situations.

It is generally accepted in professional coaching that the coach’s job is to uphold, first and foremost, 'the client’s agenda'. Like other coaches, I recognize that people are more satisfied and engaged, have greater results, and are more successful when they design their own outcomes.


With ARIS Coaching, the aim is to take this one step further. I believe people are good at knowing what's missing and knowing what makes sense for them—what works, what doesn't. And, I believe this is the best place to start with coaching putting the power in your hands to choose what is best for you.


Much research, countless conversations and my personal motivation to make a difference has led me to design a coaching system that fills the voids I've observed:

One that offers choice—in what and in how you can get what you need to experience positive change—and in the least amount of time possible—so you can get on with
living life to it's fullest.


My vision ultimately is to make this type of coaching available to people everywhere. Our dedication at ARIS is to support individuals to make use of the powerful benefit this coaching has to offer now.

On behalf of the ARIS Coaching Team, I invite you to discover what is next for you—and choose how you want to step into the best self you can be. May your willingness to be inspired by your own potential and to move through the challenges in your life serve you in your life as it has served me in mine.

To your best success,