The Philosophy

A Solution Focused Approach

Every so often, a body of work emerges that is both foundational and life-altering. ARIS Coaching is built on such a collection of tools, frameworks and thought systems.

This extensive system of human understanding楊now as Solution Focused or Ericksonian Coaching妖raws upon the best of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), 4-Quadrant Thinking, Accelerated Learning Technologies, Sports Modeling and Expert Performance Modeling. The Solution Focused method of coaching used at ARIS systemically pulls together elements from each of these areas of human development. This style of coaching is well-grounded in the sound and ethical Ericksonian principles originating from the highly regarded client-centred work of Dr. Milton Erickson, known for his remarkable communications skills and his respectful, elegant approach to change and the human condition.


Not often is such a collection of knowledge so easily transferable into everyday, practical applications. The Solution Focused Coaching approach successfully does exactly that.


Solution Focused Coaching works with physiology, thought structures, language patterns, thinking styles and the science of cognition. It combines all this with advanced paradigms for understanding individual and group actions to give you an opportunity to experience accelerated and lasting change that connects deeply with the human spirit. Together, these frameworks offer a holistic method of coaching that propels coaching to a whole new level. This is the Foundation of ARIS Coaching.

It's not just knowing what you want that's important.
Knowing how to have it is the next essential step.

When You're Ready for Change

There are a wide range of styles currently being used in coaching today. We believe it is useful for people who are ready for change to understand the choices they have about what is available to them謡hat they are getting and how they will be coached.

As coaching becomes a practical choice for people to include in their daily living, ARIS is pleased to offer this combination of a powerful Solution-Focused coaching style with a flexible and convenient you choice in how you step towards your goals and beyond, and freedom to build the life you desire. Read more about the inspiration for ARIS Coaching.