Areas for Coaching:

Are you ready to take charge of your life?

Do you have a hectic schedule? Countless commitments? Priorities that pull you in many directions? This is a time when many of you are genuinely ready and willing to do what it takes to clear out what isn't working in your life. If you've ever invested time, money or effort in your own personal development, then you know the real value of taking charge of your life. Consider 3 Areas for Personal Coaching:

Some changes happen quickly...Some change takes more time.

Personal Wellness more...
Your Relationships more...
Career & Personal Excellence more...

In addition to general coaching sessions for each of these life areas, ARIS offers special sessions to help you focus on specific areas where you're experiencing a challenge. Read more about ARIS Individual Sessions.Discover what's right for you. Specials and featured sessions are offered throughout the year so watch for promotions.


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Areas for Personal Coaching

If you're ready to have more time, confidence, freedom, or success, if you need a big change or even a gentle nudge, then make the decision to step up and step into whatever is next.

What's important is to recognize your own opportunities for growth, and then choose to take a step in that direction. You may decide to look at your life overall, or to focus on one specific challenge. Are you ready to take inventory of what works, what doesn't and to move boldly forward towards what you truly want...and what you deserve? Ask yourself:

Q:  What isn't working?
Q:  What could be better but isn't?
Q:  Where can you NOT afford to let things stay the same?
Q:  What change is needed so you can live the life you want?

Change can take real courage. And, it takes a decision to make it happen. You probably know the answers to some of these questions. The 3 key area below: Personal Wellness, Relationships and Career & Personal Excellence describe issues you may be facing.

Take stock of your life in each area. ARIS can help you with the focus to be where you want to be in your life. We'll help you decide a direction and focus for your sessions to make a difference. Discover where you can break through a personal challenge, move forward with your goals and step up to your own personal greatness. Where are you willing to choose to change?

Clarity, accountability, focus and the kind of shifts that make change possible.
Don't miss another moment of having the life you want!



Personal Wellness...YOUR BASICS
...your doorway to inner awareness

Your well-being is imperative to a happy and successful life. Taking charge of your personal well-being means managing your lifestyle, your personal experiences, your state of mind, and your future. It means knowing what you want and creating it. Don't miss another day of having the life you really want. Choose where you're going and start doing what's truly important to you to live your life at its best. Where would focus help you:

Your Future Direction, Choices & Life Balance:
  ...bring quality of life and meaning to your daily living
  ...know your values, manage priorities, make positive lifestyle choices
  ...get clarity on your goals, purpose, your future vision or your legacy
  ...connect to your passion, creativity or self-expression

Personal Challenges:
  ...move beyond uncertainty, overwhelm, procrastination
  ...resolve an inner conflict, break through an issue, personal block or limitation
  ...manage your emotions and personal inner experiences
  ...handle a life transition, make decisions easily, discover and create more of what you want

Your Relationships...A VITAL FOUNDATION
...your mirror and fit with the world

Having a handle on your relationship is necessary to live in harmony with yourself and with others. When your relationships suffer, you suffer. When they're positive, you thrive. This includes your experiences with others, your emotional connections, your love relationship, family & friends, your joy and intimate self. Do you want more satisfying relationships, understanding, and love in your life? Your relationships reveal the truth about what you invite into your life. Take a look at:

Your Experience with Others:
  ...change negative relationship patterns; connect with people the way you want
  ...make relationship decisions and face commitment issues
  ...handle difficult situations and deal with personal differences

A Closer Look at Yourself:
  ...break through internal blocks and let go of the past
  ...get clear on what you want; increase satisfaction in your relationships
  ...have more confidence, more love & fun,less struggle and less stress
  ...experience more stability, reduce conflict and drama, manage your emotions

Career & Personal Excellence...
YOUR ESSENTIAL SELF ...your access to success

Experiencing life at your best edge is part of expressing yourself fully. It includes your personal expression, strengths and achievements, talents, habits and successes. Move from being stuck, bored and unsatisfied to being confident and inspired. Uncover your inner resources and gain practical ways to develop focus. When you're ready to know what you can achieve, the possibilities are unlimited. Where will you play a bigger game:

Career Satisfaction & Direction:
  ...improve work/life balance, handle a transition or challenging work situations
  ...manage your time and priorities, get clear on a career choice, your path or legacy
  ...take on a new challenge; turn an idea or project into a reality
  ...reach a goal, aim or target and stay on track with accountability and action step

Habit Change, Personal Performance & Mastery:
  ...overcome personal time issues, indecision, procrastination or overwhelm
  ...interrupt negative thinking, limiting beliefs and old behaviour patterns
  ...increase motivation, passion and commitment
  ...develop new habits, break through personal barriers or achieve mastery in an important area