Why hire a Personal Coach?

The #1 trend in personal health today is the desire for "quality life experience."1 Personal Coaching is a proven approach to taking charge of your own well-being and getting to know yourself - what you may not openly share with others in your life - and what you need to keep moving forward in your life. Coaching is one of the best ways you can take control of your life right now.

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered;
the point is to discover them."    - Galileo Galilei

Having a personal coach is like having your own personal wellness resource at your fingertips ...only a phone call away. Coaching lets you focus on what needs attention in your life and how to move beyond the obstacles in the way - to have more of what you want and less of what you don't want.

  • achieve your goals and aims
  • discover and live your dream
  • access personal strengths and inner resources to reach your potential
  • tap into your personal power and natural creative flow
  • realize the healthy relationships you picture for yourself
  • express who you are really meant to be

Successful people - whether athletes, creative individuals, business professionals, experts of any kind, or simply people living happy and full lives - continually seek a bigger game to play.

"...thank you for the difference your coaching has already made in my life, and
especially for the Vision Walk we did last week...I'm really excited about
our next session. I count myself lucky to have found you as my coach, and
can confirm that all the good things I'd heard about
your Vision Walk were absolutely correct."    - HC, Vancouver


Our aim is to provide you with the kind of coaching that will help you play at your personal best ...providing you with maximum choice, value and opportunity to reach your own success. How your sessions are delivered is up to you:

Why ARIS Coaching?

When you're serious about change...

ARIS works with all kinds of people from a wide range of backgrounds, ages, occupations, and life stages. The common theme? They are people who have decided it's time for change.

Sometimes we spend a long time knowing a change is needed and only just decided that now is the right time to start. You may find you've finally reached a limit in some area of your life, you no longer want to put up with a certain situation, habit or behaviour that no longer healthy, or you see what could be possible if you took the next steps. Is this you, or someone you know?

"Life is what happens to you when you're
busy making other plans."
   - Beautiful Boy, John Lennon

And you want choice...

Whether it's a small shift or a big adjustment—it makes sense to have real choice in how to make the changes you need. When life is already busy enough, isn't it great to get support that fits you and your lifestyle? When you choose ARIS for personal coaching, you tap into ways to easily make new solutions part of your own satisfying, active and successful life! Because ARIS puts the choice in your hands, you can reach solutions faster and in ways that works with your own real needs:

First, decide on regular sessions or choose from a variety of unique coaching sessions carefully designed to target specfic needs and challenges.

Second, get flexible options when it comes to scheduling your sessions so the time you spend getting coached is always at your convenience and fits your personal budget.

ARIS Coaching uses a Solution-Focused and NLP-based approach and is guided by the International Coach Federation Professional Standards and Code of Ethics.

We have challenge in all areas of our lives:

Sometimes we face the big challenges ...facing a career change, a big goal or achievement, discovering your path, a deep personal situation or longstanding relationship issue, a long-time negative habit or a major life challenge.

Other times it's about the smaller hurdles ...a personal conflict or communication issue, a work situation, procrastination, time management issues, a personal crisis or immediate relationship situation, even a boost in confidence when you need it!

How about you? For more information about where you could benefit from personal change in your life link to Personal Coaching and Getting Started.

"History repeats itself because man remains at the same level of being—namely,
he attracts again and again the same circumstances, feels the same things,
says the same things, hopes the same things, believes the same things.
And yet nothing actually changes." - Gurdjieff & Ouspensky

Get the results you want...

Draw on your own personal power.
...Experience practical sessions and take real steps forward.

Discover new ways to handle old problems.
...Understand how to influence and manage emotions.

Experience lasting change and the results you want in your life.
...Create a rich and meaningful future for yourself.

ARIS provides coaching in 3 key life areas: Personal Well-Being, Relationships and Career & Personal Excellence. Check out where coaching could benefit you.

Flexible options to suit your style...

Monthly Coaching and Time Blocks (6, 12 or 18 session hours) are available to conveniently fit with your situation, your lifestyle, schedule and budget. These let you experience change and progress on a routine basis and you design your own schedule...get coaching as often or occasionally as you like: once monthly, a few sessions a month, or even several times a week.

ARIS Individual Sessions are unique 1 to 2 hour specific coaching sessions designed to target a challenge or issue. Or, book a general Open Sessions for 1 to 2 hour session personally tailored for whatever is on your mind (2 session or 2 hour minimum).

Discover Your Coaching Style and check out typical Life Situations & Common Challenges to help you decided where to begin.


1Hartman Group Trend Report 2007