Short Term Coaching

ARIS Short Term Coaching is a great way to try out coaching with minimal investment. You pay only for what you need, when you need it, session by session. It's an ideal option if limited time or budget make it difficult to plan for scheduled routine sessions.

If you want:
  • immediate coaching around a challenge or situation you are facing now.
  • to tackle an issue head-on when you're ready to face a personal issue.
  • coaching that is convenient and easily fits your schedule.
  • a way to try coaching´┐Żan affordable alternative to a long-term coaching commitment.
An excellent way to experience a breakthrough or focus
in an area of your life by addressing a present challenge NOW.

With ARIS Short Term Coaching, the results are focused, timely and effective. Book one or several "open" format sessions and get coaching by the hour based on whatever you have on your mind.

Or, select one of the ARIS Individual Sessions available. These are single sessions that make use of various coaching techniques that are designed to tackle a specific challenge or area of focus. You choose the sessions that will support you with your current situation. (Consider an ARIS Time Block of 6 session hours if you find yourself interested in several ARIS Individual Sessions.)

   ARIS Individual Sessions
  • Practical sessions designed to work with you on a specific issue, personal experience or area of change.
  • Most appointments are 1 hour and sessions can be scheduled as often as you like.
  • Purchase sessions separately or book as part of a Time Block package.
  • Call for a brief introductory conversation for find a session that fits your current situation.

   Open Format Sessions
  • You decide the session length; a portion of an hour to 2 hour sessions.
  • Sessions are customized to what is relevant for you at the time you call, based on whatever you need in the moment.

You can contact ARIS by phone for assistance in making your choice and to discuss personal options. Or, send a brief description of your current challenge by email and we'll recommend sessions to fit your situation. Our Getting Started, page and Life Situations section can also help you decided what's right for you now.

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