Choosing coaching that's right for you

ARIS Coaching is all about you

We believe it's important to get coaching that meets your needs. If you are to experience the changes and successes you want, it's vital that the pace, frequency and format of coaching you choose is right for you. This is one of the reasons we offer a variety of coaching formats.

What is the biggest factor in deciding if you're ready for coaching?

It's knowing you're finally ready for something different's having the willingness to decide it's time to simply start. We invite all those who are truly ready, to step up and to make change happen in their lives.

"Life is like a maze of doors and they all
open from the side you're on."
   - Sitting, Catch Bull at Four, (Cat Stevens) Jusuf Islam

7 Easy Steps to getting started:


Step 1   Decide if you want Short Term or Long Term Coaching.
Step 2   Review the available sessions and scheduling options.
Step 3   Choose the scheduling option that best suits your lifestyle and preferences.
Step 4   Choose the session that match what you need. Call or email for assistance.
Step 5   Book your appointments by phone or email.
Step 6   Complete the information forms provided once your sessions are confirmed.
Step 7   Relax and enjoy your sessions and begin to experience the small shifts
                   that make a big difference.


Making the most of this site

Decide on the coaching arrangement that will best suit your preferences, personal coaching needs, budget and schedule. The Life Situations page gives you a starting place to identify topics and potential areas of focus that could be right for you, or to help you narrow down or clarity an area of challenge you are considering for coaching.

See the Personal Coaching sections: Personal Wellness, Relationships and Career & Personal Excellence to recognize where you're ready to focus.

Refer to the Individual ARIS Sessions for a list of sessions types that are of interest to you. Book an Open Session' (up to 2 hours) for a powerful coaching conversation that will start you moving forward. A Time Block of 6 session hours is convenient to start with if you plan to book several sessions.

For Long Term Coaching, check out the Time Blocks (6 to 18 session hours) and Monthly Coaching options. See Coaching Rates for general information about packages and session purchase types that can fit your schedule and lifestyle.

We can help. Call or email with your personal situation and questions if you aren't clear about which sessions or package to choose.

There is nothing with which every man is so afraid as getting to know how enormously much he is capable of doing and becoming.
- Siren Kierkegaard