Common Challenges

What you choose to get coached on is up to you. ARIS is committed to guide you in making the right choices for yourself.

Some typical and common life challenges are listed below to give you a start in identifying where you may want to introduce change in your life. You may recognize some familiar experiences and emotions in some of the challenges—perhaps some you're tired of repeating. You may notice places where there are gaps between what's actually happening in your life and what you really want. Don't worry. Just call or email to ask us how coaching can specifically help with your individual situation.

For more scenarios read through the Life Situations to get more insight on how coaching and various ARIS Sessions can be practical for you and different areas of change you may be considering.

Remember, general coaching sessions are practical for all topics as part of a Monthly Coaching arrangement, Time Blocks or Open Format hourly sessions.

"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves."
   - Sir Edmund Hillary, First to summit Everest (1953)

Feeling out of balance or off-track?

You experience:

  • dissatisfaction or a challenge in one or more areas of life
  • feeling consumed, pulled in many directions
  • not getting the results you want
  • lack of time/energy or triggered by small issues
  • neglecting one or more important part of your life

You want:

  • Greater satisfaction, more happiness
  • More control of your time/energy
  • To stay on track with what's important
  • Greater ease on a daily basis
  • Less stress. More balance

RECOMMEND: Your Life in Balance Session

Handle a challenge in one or more lifer areas. Understand you current situation to increasing balance and satisfaction, and commit to concrete action steps that will move you closer to your goals. (Recommended as a first session.)
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Lack of confidence, self-doubt or indecision?

You experience:

  • anxiety/stress around making a major decision
  • feeling pulled in 2 directions; not sure which to choose
  • difficulty committing, stalling or procrastinating
  • at a crossroads with a relationship, work or life situation
  • self-doubt or uncertainty when faced with options and decision making

You want:

  • To make a decision about a current situation
  • To move forward with confidence/self-trust
  • A way to easily make decisions every day

RECOMMENDED: Clear Decision Session

This effective session will guide you to assess your options based on your personal priorities. Reveal what is at the heart of your personal decision making and begin to take action.
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Not clear about your future or what's next?

You experience:

  • uncertainty ...about what's ahead ...where you're going
  • considering a change; exploring a new direction
  • having a vision but not clear about your next steps
  • a need to make a decision about your future
  • not sure what you want in your life
  • questioning if you're "on the right track"

You want:

  • To discover what's possible
  • To easily picture your future or new direction
  • Action steps and a plan for your future
  • To explore your personal path
  • To connect with your purpose or legacy
  • To discover what's possible

RECOMMENDED: The Vision Walk

Take a personal look at your future. Get clarity and direction, as you determine what’s next for you and focused action steps to get you there.
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Inner stress, resistance or feeling stuck?

You experience:

  • a dilemma or inner conversation that keeps you stuck
  • a repeated inner response that stops you from moving forward
  • feeling hesitant/powerless to take action or follow through
  • difficulty making commitments
  • a recurring thought, belief, emotion you can't seem to get past

You want:

  • Ease in moving forward
  • Freedom from a personal limitation
  • To transcend a current or lifetime challenge
  • To resolve an longstanding block

RECOMMENDED: Gateway to Change

Face your own resistance or inner conflict and break through what's holding you back.
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