The ARIS Coaching System

The ARIS Coaching System makes it easy for you to experience coaching. You get a flexible and affordable way to make the changes you want in your life.

The ARIS Coaching System gives you:

  • Access to practical and useful approaches to change
    - you get to experience accelerated results.
  • Unique Time Block packages to suit your personal needs, schedule or budget
    - so coaching actually fits into your life (vs you fitting into a schedule!)
  • A choice of individually designed ARIS Sessions, or coaching by the hour
    - make the best use of your time and put your focus on a specific challenge or achieve a breakthrough.


Our aim is to provide you with maximum value, choice and opportunity to help you to reach your own success. And, it is important to us to be completely upfront with our surprises, no hidden fees, no tricky 'selling'. We believe this puts the power in your hands-where it belongs-to easily choose when and how you want to make coaching a part of your personal life plan. Afterall, you know better than anyone what is right for you.

We want you to look forward to every session and to experience coaching that makes you feel good...throughout your coaching...and long after we've worked together. Appointments can be made easily by phone or email. See Getting Started about how to begin setting up your own coaching plan.

Coaching is available as Individual Sessions, Monthly, or in Time Blocks. Call for rate information.

ARIS Individual Sessions Session times vary
Individual Sessions:
call for rates
ARIS POWER Sessions:
call for rates

Monthly Coaching 2 months min; rates based on sessions and duration

ARIS Individual Sessions

ARIS Individual Sessions cover a wide range of topic areas and are designed to fit different situations. Specials and featured sessions are offered throughout the year so watch for promotions.

If you aren't clear about where you want coaching or which sessions to choose, call and we can help you decide the right place for you to begin to get the best match for your current situation, challenge or a result you want.


Coaching Appointments


Appointments can be made easily by phone or email and we extend our best efforts to provide the appointment times of your choice. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available. If an opening is available, you can make your appointment for right away. In-person sessions to some Vancouver city area locations may be arranged (additional charges based on location).

Sessions are always by phone unless other arrangements have been made. You can book your appointments all at once or individually whenever you are ready for your next session. If you purchase a Time Block, ARIS will track your usage. All coaching is confidential.

Client Information

Once appointment times are confirmed, we'll ask you to provide some information about yourself. This helps us understand your personal style and the kind of result you want from coaching. The information requested will depend on the sessions you choose. Be assured, all information remains secure and confidential under the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act and the ICF Code of Ethics.

Session Transfers

If you've purchased a Time Block of 12 or 18 session hours and don't wish to use the full amount-or you want to share the coaching experience with someone close to you-sessions may be transferred to a spouse/partner or family member to a maximum of 50% of the total coaching hours. Ask for details.