A Step Closer to What You Want

ARIS offers powerful and progressive sessions that use specific techniques and methods that will help you produce accelerated results.

There are many approaches to any given challenge. Decide where a focus can make a difference in having the results you want. There may be several different sessions that can help you reach the solutions that are right for you. Some ARIS Sessions will be right for your situation now ...and some you may want to try at a later time.

Call or email if you are curious about a session and how it relates to your personal situation. We'll listen for what's 'behind' what's going on to help you determine your next best steps in getting the results you want.

Most sessions target a particular type of challenge and can be practical for a variety of personal situations. Sessions are based on tried and tested NLP strategies and you'll be coached through each one according to your unique situation.

"If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays
the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

Personal Wellness | Relationship | Career & Personal Excellence

ARIS Individual Sessions:

Begin with one session, book a series of sessions, or include one as part of your ARIS Time Block package (6,12 or 18 session hours). Most session are 70 minutes. A time buffer of 10 minutes however is always included so you can relax and make the most of your session. ARIS POWER SESSIONS are all 90 minute sessions. Each session description will includes some questions you can ask yourself to decide if this session is a fit for you. Ask about our sessions that are designed to support you with:

Personal Wellness Series:
Life Balance
Impact and Emotions
Clear Decision Making
Building Foundations
Building Direction and Navigating the Course

Relationship Series:
Accessing Personal Freedom
Creating a Relationship Shift
Aligning with Integrity

Career & Personal Excellence Series:
Time Mapping
Your Master Path
Vision Walk (ARIS Power Session)
Access Your Best
The Strength Mining Inventory (SMI) (ARIS Power Session)

Full session descriptions and rate list available on request. Materials, design and description for all sessions are property of ARIS Communications Group Inc.