Your Coaching Style

What's my coaching style?

Flexibility and choice are at the heart of the the ARIS Coaching System. We recognize that some people like to plan ahead and enjoy regular sessions. And, we know that others want (or require) a more open schedule and appreciate the advantage of being able to choose coaching at various times.

Read through descriptions A. to G. and choose what best describes you. Check the chart to decide kind of coaching arrangement will be a good fit for your personal preferences and lifestyle.

ARIS Individual Sessions
Open Format Sessions          
Monthly Coaching            
Time Block 6 Session Hours          
Time Block 12 Session Hours    
Time Block 18 Session Hours        
A. Here & Now
I have an immediate situation, issue or challenge and am ready to book my appointment(s) with an ARIS coach. Or, I've read through the Individual ARIS Session descriptions and want to experience one or several different sessions.
B. New to Coaching
I've heard about coaching and know a few people who've been coached. I'm interested, and looking forward to booking one or several sessions to experience the benefits of Short Term Coaching. I have a busy schedule, maybe a set budget for personal care and wellness, or I'm just curious about trying out coaching for myself.
C. Full Flexibility
I like to know I can get coaching at a moment's notice—it'slike having a coach "on call"—so I can get support right away when something comes up for me.
D. Regular
I prefer to have my schedule organized in advance and knowing when sessions are booked. The idea of regular weekly sessions and knowing how long coaching will last is best for me. This means I can move at a steady pace and with regular support. Or, I have goal, project or challenge I want to carry out in the months ahead.
E. Casual Regular
I want the benefits of coaching on a regular, but less frequent basis (such as once or twice a month).
F. Maximizing
I prefer a flexible schedule for coaching. This lets me to focus on one area of change. I can take some "space" after a few sessions to work through my results, reflect, integrate the change and implement my outcomes. I can then continue with my next sessions when I'm ready. I like that I can take a break now and then whether it is a "breather" between a group of sessions or to accommodate my busy schedule.
G. Optimum Flex-time
I have an unpredictable work schedule which means that booking regular weekly coaching sessions is a challenge. However, I like that I can get coaching on a regular basis (or as often as I want) without having to commit to the same call time every week—less juggling of my schedule, less pressure and fewer cancellation.